Ensemble of Evil Exterminators

Amphail, the Dark Lady, & Waterdeep


  • Fairafel (Kaitlyn) – Half-Elf Sorcerer 5
  • Idra (Paul) – Human Monk 5
  • Indica (Hannah) – Air Genasi Druid 5
  • Kronk (Katie) – Tiefling Barbarian 5

Named NPCs Encountered

  • Norman Wands Jr. – Wastrel young noble of a magic item dealing house. Stuck in Amphail due to some indiscretions.
  • Nurvureem, The Dark Lady – A shadow dragon who presents herself as an attractive female drow and primarily layers in Rundreth Manor. Nurvureem has been “courted” by the elemental cults, but she has chosen to eat most of them and allowed a few to flee in terror to discourage further visits.
  • Gretchen Wands – Executor of the Wands’ estate and sister of Norman, Gretchen is the sensible member of the family. She’s responsible for the family’s wealth, status, and making sure her little brother doesn’t ruin everything.
  • Alfons Wands – Norman and Gretchen’s uncle (the late Norman Wands Sr.‘s brother) is in charge of the magic item trade. He runs the warehouses, acquisitions, and sales. He’s far more interested in collecting magic items than money or power, and boasts a considerable personal collection separate from the warehouses.


  • Went into Amphail, bought nice clothing, went to the bathhouse, and otherwise made sure that they didn’t look like wandering murder hobos.
  • Indica bought tight leather pants at a children’s store?
  • Idra gambled in a tavern. Wound up down 5 gold, but gained some information.
  • Kronk got Ezema groomed.
  • Fairefel found our skeezy young noble, Norman, and got him to tell them what he needed to do to go home. (Convince the “Dark Lady” not to join some weird religious cults for his sister’s Lord’s Alliance contacts. He was fuzzy on the details.)
  • The party met up with Norman the next day and headed to Rundreth Manor. It was oddly swampy, overgrown, and misty.
  • The party found the ruins and a starecase leading into a large basement.
  • Idra almost fell 40 feet due to the trapped collapsing stairs.
  • The party lit torches and decended to find what looked like it was an enormouse kitchen and storage space.
  • They were approached by Nurvureem’s drow projected. Everyone chatted while trying to keep Norman from hitting on her.
  • The party learned that the keeps are over entrances to a dwarven ruin that sits over a drow shrine that is corrupted by the Elemental Evil Eye.
  • They also learned that there are four magical weapons that were forged there, each has a connection to the evil princes.
  • They learned who the evil princes are and got descriptions of them. It can be summed up with “big and very bad”.
  • The party departed when told to go by Nurvureem. Glad they didn’t pick a fight.
  • Norman hired a carriage and guards for the trip to Waterdeep. The party got a taste of the good life.
  • They arrived in Waterdeep after an uneventful trip, and were immediately introduced to Gretchen.
  • Gretchen clearly had mixed feelings about her brother not being eaten by a dragon, but she took them to the warehouse and told Alfons to give them “the family price”.
  • The party sold off magic items they didn’t need, and bought ones they wanted.
  • They didn’t have quite enough gold to cover everything they wanted, so they agreed to another small job for Alfons. (Next session you will be “liberating” something from one of his rivals. He might throw in a couple other items if you do it with discretion.)

XP Log (4000, 1000 each)

  • Finding a young noble and negotiating a deal. (1000 xp)
  • Meeting Nurvureem, having a nice chat, learning a lot, and NOT getting into a fight with an adult shadow dragon. (3000 xp)


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