Ensemble of Evil Exterminators

Assault on Rivergard Keep

That is quite the body count.


  • Fairafel (Kaitlyn) – Half-Elf Sorcerer 5
  • Idra (Paul) – Human Monk 5
  • Indica (Hannah) – Air Genasi Druid 5
  • Kronk (Katie) – Tiefling Barbarian 5

Named NPCs Encountered

Rivergard Keep
  • Shoalar & Pike – Last seen sailing south in the small sloop that wasn’t burned. Apparently they are going to offer a sizable bounty to the Zhentarim for killing the party. Also in the market for a ship.
  • Reash – Fathomer in the water tower. Sick from poison and killed quickly.
  • Holger – Thug in guardhouse. Sick from poison and killed quickly.
  • Drosnin – Crushing Wave Priestess endlessly preaching at two poisoned acolytes. Made Fairafel listen to part of a sermon. Got killed for her efforts.
  • Urshnora – Fathomer in the keep, calmly attending to Jolly. Not poisoned, but still killed quickly.
  • Jolliver “Jolly” Grimjaw – Wereboar who was the keep’s commander. Enraged about the poisoning and was fireballed mid-rant. Turned into sizzling bacon fat by a fire elemental.
  • Anya, Berd, Nayreen, Lathna, Oric, Gorm, Herek, & Shadnil – Kitchen staff and servants. Most were captives, though some were loyal to the cult. All booked it as soon as they could get out the door.


  • Party split up to watch both approaches to the keep for a couple days. Kronk and Fairafel watched the road, Indica and Idra watched the river.
  • Shoalar and Pike were seen boating South and bickering loudly.
  • Pirates came via ship to drop off supplies and cart off loot. They were talking about how Shoalar was going to put a big bounty on the party with the Zhentarim.
  • A large force of cultists marched to the keep with captives. Left without the captives.
  • Kronk and Fairafel heard a group approaching their hiding spot from the North. Found it was 8 fire cultists and they looked capable.
  • Found out the fire cultists were looking to kill a caravan, steal the cloths, and try to infiltrate the keep.
  • Kronk and Fairafel got the cultists to agree to “join forces” with the party. Went back to tell Indica and Idra. The fire cult sent three “guards” with them.
  • Idra dropped out of a tree onto one’s head. Indica thorn whipped one up into the tree and let him fall. The fight was 4 on 3 and very decisive.
  • Looted them. Found a red corundum elemental gem. (Break it to summon a fire elemental under your control. Don’t loose concentration if you don’t want to burn though!)
  • Desecrated the bodies with water cult symbols, left covering their tracks.
  • Indica turned into a rat and snuck into the fire cult camp. Followed them as they went to investigate what was taking so long. Saw them get enraged at the murder site and head back north.
  • Party decided the fire cult’s infiltration plan was a good idea. Set up along the road for an ambush.
  • Cart of supplies came through escorted by eight bandits and their captain.
  • Faerafel fIreballed half the bandits and their captain. (And the poor horses too.)
  • Some fighting.
  • Fireballed the other half of the bandits.
  • Killed the captain.
  • Party found a lot of food supplies and ale in the cart. The party saw an opportunity. Indica poisoned the supplies with nightshade.
  • Indica convinced the poor horses to run to the keep with the cart and dead commander still on the seat.
  • Desecrated the bandit bodies with fire cult symbols.
  • Followed the cart at a distance. Saw the cart taken inside and a search party come out.
  • Avoided the search party, got some sleep, and watched the keep for guards that weren’t looking too good.
  • Saw the guards on the wall were clearly ill. Safe to assume that if those on duty looked this bad, the idea must have worked. (Most cultists had the poisoned condition and had half health points.)
  • Assaulted Rivergard Keep (This was a calculated slaughter.)
    ○ Indica and Fairafel swam in.
    ○ Quietly killed the sick guard on the South wall, lowered a rope down for Kronk and Idra.
    ○ Kicked in the door to the river tower. Burned and beat a poisoned Reash and companions to death.
    ○ Snuck to the second level of the guardhouse. Burnt and beat a poisoned Holger and his guards to death.
    ○ Three sick guards in the lower level of the guardhouse wobbled their way upstairs to be torn apart by a flurry from Idra. One tried to stagger off to raise the alarm and was magic missiled by Indica.
    ○ Killed the sick West wall guard.
    ○ Went into the stables and found the poor burnt horses. Indica spent a couple healing spells on them and gave them apples.
    ○ Found the armory.
    ○ Kronk pinned a sick man on the privy to the wall with a javelin.
    ○ Fairafel fireballed the barracks full of sick soldiers. None survived.
    ○ Kronk shot the sick East wall guard with a crossbow bolt. He lived and tried to raise the alarm. Was killed by magic missile before he could get any attention.
    ○ Listened at the Northeast tower door, heard the bugbears apparently enjoying the “pleasant high” of the poisoned ale. Left them alone for the moment.
    ○ Fairafel went into the chapel and got told to sit down and listen to the sermon. She did briefly, then roasted them.
    ○ Assault the keep! Fairafel fireballed the main hall as an opener. That pissed Jolly off.
    ○ Kronk found out that greataxes don’t really do anything to a lycanthrope. Also, found out Jolly is a lycanthrope.
    ○ Jolly shifted into hybrid form. Watch the wereboar tusks!
    ○ Idra used the recently aquired elemental gem to summon a fire elemental.
    ○ Urshnora tried to use Vampiric Touch on Kronk and failed. Ran for the kitchen door.
    ○ Kronk killed Urshnora.
    ○ Idra had the fire elemental continue the porkchop cooking process.
    ○ Jolly was smart and charged Idra. Sadly did not connect, much less infect him with lycanthropy.
    ○ Indica went upstairs and got in a fight with four sick cultists.
    ○ Fairafel started telling the commoners to get out.
    ○ The fire elemental roasted Jolly. Sizzling bacon fat.
    ○ Kronk and Indica killed the cultists upstairs.
    ○ Idra turned the fire elemental loose on the bugbears. There was much screaming in goblin.
    ○ Secret passage to an underground stream was found.
    ○ Fire elemental was dismissed. Looting commenced.
    ○ The party packed up the loot and headed out the front door like they owned the place.

XP Log (9000, 2250 each)

  • Spying on River Traffic (50xp)
  • Encountering Fire Cultists and Avoiding an 8 on 2 Fight (300xp)
  • Seizing the Water Cult Cart and Poisoning Provisions (200xp)
  • Clearing Rivergard Keep (1500xp)
  • Foes Defeated (6950xp)
    ○ Eternal Flame Guardian x3 (CR 2)
    ○ Bandit x28 (CR 1/8)
    ○ Bandit Captain (CR 2)
    ○ Fathomer x2 (CR 2)
    ○ Crushing Wave Reaver x13 (CR 1/2)
    ○ Thug (CR 1/2)
    ○ Crushing Wave Priest (CR 2)
    ○ Wereboar (CR 4)
    ○ Bugbear x3 (CR 1)


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