Ensemble of Evil Exterminators


  • Fairafel (Kaitlyn) – Half-Elf Sorcerer 5
  • Idra (Paul) – Human Monk 5
  • Indica (Hannah) – Air Genasi Druid 5
  • Kronk (Katie) – Tiefling Barbarian 5

Named NPCs Encountered

The Long Road
  • The Unnamed – A group of bounty hunter/assassin wights that have a reputation for messy work with the Zhentarim. They killed a rancher homestead off, used the zombies to assault the party during the day, then tried attacking on their own in the dark of night. The party killed them, and cut off the heads just to be sure. This bounty may be a problem.


  • The party decided that they should use the wealth acquired while fighting the cult to try and purchase some magic items to improve their odds of success.
  • Waterdeep was the place most likely to have someone selling magical items, however the party expects they will need some kind of noble sponsor to have the opportunity to spend their coin on the fairly heavily regulated trade.
  • The party set out South on the Long Road, planning to stop in Amphail for provisions and to see if they could get a noble’s wastrel child out of whatever trouble got them sent away and hopefully gain a sponsor.
  • The first day of travel was uneventful.
  • On day two a raven from Kronk’s Zhentarim contact showed up with a message warning of Shoalar’s sizable bounty on the party and a lot of interest from cold blooded killers. (500gp a head for the party members.)
  • On day three, the party hid as air cultists flew overhead towards Amphail, spotted fire cultists on the road ahead of them, and in the evening had a water cult group come up from behind them. Apparently a few groups wanted to head this way.
  • Kronk was spotted by the water cult and tried to claim his name was “Steve” and he was recently robbed. It wasn’t a very good lie though, since he was still clearly heavily armed, supplied, and relatively uninjured. There was a fight.
  • Water cult priest had some kind of magic trident. Cool.
  • Camping spaced between the fire cult’s camp and the dead water cultists on night three, the party heard what they thought were scavengers eating the bodies of the water cultists. They decided to sleep in trees.
  • While they slept, four ghouls and a ghast (the scavangers) crept up and pulled them out of the trees. The party killed them, but have a healthy respect for ghoul paralysis now. (Fairafel almost died.)
  • The party hid further off trail to avoid the fire cultists investigating the commotion. They decided to sleep in the next morning to give some extra space.
  • In the late morning of day four, the party set out again, noting the fire cult should be several hours ahead of them.
  • In the evening the party spotted a camp for three bugbear bandits planning a highway robbery spot. The party eavesdropped and then left, deciding they didn’t want to fight any more.
  • It was raining day 5, and the party came across a rancher homestead. The fields were full of dead horses and the house had signs of a fight but no bodies. The house had also clearly been robbed and showed the mark of a Zhentarim assassin, but Kronk couldn’t remember who.
  • While stopping for lunch, the party was charged by four people on horses. Idra flying kicked one off the horse, and the group found that the riders and horses were zombies.
  • At any time, three of the zombies had glowing eyes, and they attacked with more coordination than was normal.
  • Fairafel theorized that they were being remotely controlled by individuals seeing through the glowing eyes.
  • Lightning blasts, axes, and other implements brought the zombies down, but not without remembering what a pain it is to make a zombie drop. They were decapitated and burned just in case.
  • This jogged Kronk’s memory enough to remember that there were a group of three bounty hunter/ assassins known as “The Unnamed” with a reputation for messy work and refusing live bounties. The recollection that they are never seen and payment is usually collected by the zombie corpse of the person the bounty was on was really what sealed it.
  • The party stopped to make camp for the night.
  • Shortly after midnight, the Unnamed attacked, it turns out they were wights. The party was victorious and cut off the wights’ heads in what is now becoming a tradition. Looting the bodies turned up some gold, a magic ring of X-Ray vision, and some kind of scrying stone.
  • Late morning of day six, the party noticed the fire cultists’ trail broke off from the road and headed east. They decided to press on to town.
  • Arrived at Amphail. Currently camping outside of town, as they don’t want any would-be-bounty-hunters recognizing them.

XP Log (6000, 1500 each)

  • Getting Confirmation on the Bounty (100xp)
  • Avoiding Air Cultists (200xp)
  • Spying on Fire Cultists (200xp)
  • Avoiding Bugbear Bandits (100xp)
  • Investigating Ruined Homestead (100xp)
  • Reaching Amphail (400xp)
  • Foes Defeated (4900xp)
    ○ Crushing Wave Reaver x7 (CR 1/2)
    ○ Crushing Wave Priest (CR 2)
    ○ Ghoul x4 (CR 1)
    ○ Ghast (CR 2)
    ○ Zombie x4 (CR 1/4)
    ○ Zombie Horse x4 (CR 1/4)
    ○ Wight x3 (CR 3)


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