Ensemble of Evil Exterminators


  • Idra (Paul) – Human Monk 5
  • Indica (Hannah) – Air Genasi Druid 5
  • Kronk (Katie) – Tiefling Barbarian 5

Named NPCs Encountered

  • Bob the Dwarf. – Courier responsible for delivering a magical artifact (Deck of Many Things) to Alfons. Drinking himself stupid in the Yawning Portal. (Yes, the name is terrible. DM hates making up names.)
  • Toby & Jeremy – Thieves who were identifying targets for Kenku to sneak in and steal jewels and gold.
  • Alfons Wands – Waiting mostly patiently for the return of his property.


  • Fairafel was unable to attend and will likely not be present for the next couple sessions.
  • The group learned that Alfons’ courier had an artifact stolen from him. A bejeweled box was taken, but the Deck of Many Things within it was the real valuable.
  • Bob was tracked down and interviewed while drunk. He had been knocked out upon returning to his room at the Yawning Portal. He didn’t see anything, but he found a “Raven” feather after the robbery.
  • The party investigated Bob’s room, found evidence of forced entry through the window and another feather. There were also scratch marks that seemed to indicate a giant bird’s feet.
  • Upon asking the bartender, there has apparently been a rash of burglaries with a raven feather left behind as a calling card. The thief is being called “The Raven”, which is descriptive if not particularly creative.
  • Next was an interview with the town guard. In which the party learned “they were doing everything possible to catch the thief”. More usefully, it was said that most things stolen were highly visible objects, like ostentatious jewelry.
  • Returning to Bob, who was now even more drunk, the party learned he had showed the box to a shiphand named Jeremy on the “Give it a Chance”.
  • Visiting the dock ward and the dock master, the party learned that Jeremy had come into some money and liked to drink at the Dripping Dagger.
  • The party found Jeremy at the Dripping Dagger talking to his friend Toby. Kronk tried to join them, and they left in a huff.
  • After following them to another dive bar, Idra sat at the table next to them, and overheard that Jeremy was being paid well in “tarnished silver” for targets who had gold or gems.
  • Indica got a gaudy piece of costume jewelry, pretended to be drunk, and flashed it in front of Jeremy and Toby. They escorted her back to the party’s room at the Yawning Portal. They didn’t try anything, but cased the joint and left. Kronk followed.
  • Jeremy and Toby killed time until dusk, then went to climb up a trail on Mount Waterdeep. Part way up they met with a robbed figure standing in a tree.
  • Kronk accidentally made a loud noise, and the near-do-wells all scattered.
  • Taking a fake gem from the necklace, Indica went to bed and feigned sleep.
  • Idra watched from a neighboring rooftop while a figure in dark robes expertly scaled the inn wall and entered through the window.
  • The thief left with the necklace, and Idra tried to follow, but lost him in the dark. Indica’s scrying using the fake gem was much more effective. They learned it went up the mountain to a large nest.
  • In the morning, the party climbed the mountain guided by a squirrel Indica bribed.
  • They found a nest with 4 figures standing around it. The thief wasn’t “the Raven”, it was a group of kenku.
  • The kenku heard the party and Indica cast fog cloud. The kenku crept into ambush points, but didn’t strike.
  • Idra rushed the nest, and was surprised to find several kenku eggs and a winged kobold clutching the necklace. There were also some vials that weren’t identified.
  • The kobold used those little wings to jump off the cliff.
  • Idra threatened to break an egg and the Kenku’s response was to try and drop him with an arrow. Idra batted it aside and delivered on his promise.
  • All of the kenku rushed the nest in horror. Kronk grabbed one by the throat and Idra threatened to break another egg. They dropped their weapons in surrender.
  • There was a brief interrogation of the weeping kenku. They were apparently stealing gold and gems on contract for kobolds to curry favor with “The Great One”.
  • The party left the nest feeling more than a little bad about breaking that egg, and scryed on the necklace again. Saw a secret entrance to a tunnel outside of town that the kobold used.
  • Traveling to the tunnel, the party entered. They tried the first fork and found a 20 foot drop to a tunnel below, doubling back they took a tunnel that angled more downward.
  • Kronk didn’t step into the waiting gelatinous cube, but was quickly engulfed. Battle with a gelatinous cube!
  • After cursing that particular passage and stopping for lunch; they moved on to find a latrine, the mines (which appeared to go deep down), a caltrop trap, the hatchery (no kobold eggs were hurt in the making of this adventure), food storage, and finally the common sleeping area for the kobolds.
  • There was a merciless slaughter of 12 kobolds.
  • We had to pause as they crept down the next passage.

XP Log (2520, 840 each)

  • Following the clues to find out that “The Raven” is a group of Kenku. (1000xp)
  • Finding the kenku nest and finding out who they were giving the goods to. (300xp)
  • Finding the kobold layer. (270xp)
  • Foes Defeated (950xp)
    ○ Kenku x4 (CR 1/4)
    ○ Kenku Egg (CR 0, You Monsters)
    ○ Gelatinous Cube (CR 2)
    ○ Kobolds x12 (CR 1/8)


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