Ensemble of Evil Exterminators

The Waterdeep Job Pt. 2


  • Idra (Paul) – Human Monk 5
  • Indica (Hannah) – Air Genasi Druid 5
  • Kronk (Katie) – Tiefling Barbarian 5

Named NPCs Encountered

Kobold Layer
  • Azhi – A young green dragon, about a century old. Almost killed the party. They didn’t actually catch his name as they ran from the breath weapon.
  • Meepo – A kobold scale sorcerer with a considerable talent for alchemy. He was cut down mercilessly.


  • Fairafel was unable to attend and will likely not be present for the next couple sessions.
  • We used Roll20 with Dynamic Lighting and Line of Sight for the first time. It went well!
  • The party crept deeper into the kobold’s layer and spotted a sleeping guard.
  • Idra watched the guard while Kronk and Indica explored side passeges.
  • They found a mimic. Indica managed to not get stuck, but there was a fight and Idra killed the kobold before it could wake up.
  • Kronk got TWO axes stuck in the mimic before it was killed. (Natural 1s.)
  • The party continued exploring, finding water with gold pieces shimmering in it. Indra also spotted some kobolds and nests, so the party backed up and tried a different route.
  • Indica fell in a spike pit. It hurt.
  • The party continued to creep through the tunnels eventually finding Meepo’s alchemy lab/quarters.
  • Meepo only had time to scream before he was killed at range.
  • Meepo’s Guard Drake attacked the party. Kronk grabbed it by the tail. Indica turned into a bear and fell off a cliff. Kronk and Idra beat it to death.
  • Indica tried carrying a torch in her mouth in bear form. It worked well enough provided she was very careful.
  • Meepo’s quarters were raided. 8 potions (1 Heal, 2 Greater Heal, 1 Diminution, 4 Flight) were found, a decent purse of tarnished silver, 3 green dragon scales, and a guard drake egg.
  • Starting to explore again, the party found a door with mining sounds muffled but audible. They went the other way.
  • Spotted piles of gold. Then a “sleeping” young green dragon’s head. (The party wasn’t stealthy enough, but Azhi wanted to see what they would do.)
  • Indica tried to take some of the gold. Azhi indicated that would be a bad idea and asked why he shouldn’t kill them.
  • Despite the sardonic patience of the dragon, the party couldn’t really come up with a good answer, and let slip that they had killed Meepo. Azhi considered Meepo useful.
  • Breath weapons HURT. (Indica dropped. Kronk and Idra realized they needed to run.)
  • Kronk pulled himself and the unconscious Indica into the bag of holding. Idra chugged a healing potion, clicked his boots of speed, and ran with the bag. (Azhi’s attack of opportunity took Idra down to 1 hp.)
  • Idra tore back through the area the party had came. Azhi gave some chase, then roared a command to the remaining kobolds and returned to guard his gold. (It would be helpful if any of the PCs knew draconic.)
  • Not knowing where Azhi was anymore and afraid to get caught in the open with a dragon, Idra ran back to the mimic room. It was a dead end, but a good bottleneck on the way in.
  • Having a minute for a couple cure spells, but not enough time for a rest, the party readied for a last stand.
  • A horde of kobolds swarmed them, as well as another guard drake. The party held the doorway, but Kronk dropped.
  • Idra managed to get the Kobolds to back off with a well placed sweeping cinder strike.
  • Indica healed Kronk a bit. Out of identified potions and low on spells.
  • Kronk crept forward to scout the hall. Saw both ways out of the hall were guarded with kobolds. It appeared the larger number were between them and the only known exit. Retreated back to the group.
  • Group heard a metallic clatter like a handful of coins dropped.
  • Indica decided to blow a last spell on thunderwave to try and clear the way out through the larger mass of kobolds. She ran for the kobolds, but collapsed unconscious when she embedded several poisoned caltrops in her feet.
  • Kronk switched to shield and axe and charged the other direction, trying to cut through the smaller number of kobolds and head for the previously found flowing water, hoping to get out wherever it was comming in.
  • Idra grabbed Indica and followed hot on Kronk’s heals while dodging spears and being pelted by slings.
  • They outran the kobolds, sprinting through ankle deep tidal seawater with gold coins scattered about but no time to retrieve them.
  • The party found where the water was comming in (clearly Azhi’s entrance) and could see faint daylight, though they would have to dive under to get out.
  • Swam for it. They got out and found a place to hunker down, stabilize Indica, breathe, and identify the potions.
  • Next, they need to figure out what they are going to tell Alfons…

XP Log (3900, 1300 each)

  • Explored most of the Kobold layer. (250xp)
  • Determined the likely location of the deck of many things. (800xp)
  • Pissed off a dragon and still got everybody out. (1000xp)
  • Foes Defeated (1850xp)
    ○ Mimic (CR 2)
    ○ Kobold x12 (CR 1/8)
    ○ Kobold Scale Sorcerer (CR 1)
    ○ Green Guard Drake x2 (CR 2)


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