Ensemble of Evil Exterminators

A Cult Leader is Dead, Long Live the Cult Leaders!


  • Fairafel (Kaitlyn) – Half-Elf Sorcerer 7
  • Idra (Paul) – Human Monk 7
  • Indica (Hannah) – Air Genasi Druid 7
  • Kronk (Katie) – Tiefling Barbarian 7

Named NPCs Encountered

Temple of Eternal Flame
  • Lyzandra “Lyzzie” Calderos – Human female fire cult mage, overseeing the southwestern temple entrance defense. She is now dead.


  • After a rest, the party decided to search the ruins in the Northwest of the Temple of Howling Hatred.
  • Skipping past the dwarven tombs, they were ambushed by a hungry Umber Hulk. They learned really quickly that Umber Hulks should not be looked in the eye or trifled with.
  • Once the Umber Hulk was slain, the party took a short rest, then explored further north finding the Temple of Eternal Flame and some hobgoblins.
  • Idra was unsuccessful at guessing the password and the hobgoblins rushed him. They were dispatched after a brief fight.
  • After fleecing the hobgoblins for a surprising amount of money and trying to assemble some passable fire cultist disguises, Idra walked through the door and did a better job bluffing the cultists working on smithing weapons.
  • Kronk tried to follow without a disguise and got called out as a spy. A cult fanatic grabbed his hand and forced it into the hot coals to try and get Kronk to break character.
  • Idra tried to intervene, the cult fanatic went to go talk to Lyzandra.
  • Lyzandra asked what they want, they said the air cult had been wiped out. Lyzandra wanted them to show her and see if she could secure Windvane as a way to impress Vanifer. (The fire cult leader.)
  • Faerafel and Indica were listening at the door and retreated back before anyone came through.
  • Lyzandra had Idra and Kronk lead her, a cult fanatic, a hobgoblin captain, a squad of hobgoblins, and her pet magmins to the air cult.
  • Seeing the blood and dead hobgoblins down the hall, Lyzandra suspiciously asked what happened. Idra tried to pass it off as they found them that way. Kronk went for the direct route and punched Lyzandra in the nose then turned to run, magmin setting his close on fire on the way out.
  • Lyzandra tried to immolate Idra. Kronk used his tiefling ability to cast darkness, and when Indica rounded the corner she cast wall of thorns down the hall.
  • Wall of thorns skewered a darkness enveloped Lyzandra and two of her magmin. Magmin explode!
  • A fight broke out that had the surviving cult fanatic and hobgoblins falling back to the door.
  • After taking down the darkness and the wall of thorns, Kronk rushed through the door… into the cult fanatic’s waiting 2nd level inflict wounds which dropped him.
  • Indica sent two summoned dire wolves through the door to break up the ambush, then rushed through as a polar bear with Idra hot on her heals. Fairafel tossed a fireball through the door to burn the smith working cultists to death.
  • Kronk was saved, the enemies were killed. However not before another cult fanatic ran to alert the temple.
  • The party quickly stripped the rooms of valuables, ran to the air temple, and are headed to the surface to find another entrance where they can come in unannounced.

XP Log (8000, 2000 each)

  • Finding the Temple of Eternal Flame (1000 xp)
  • An interesting mix of passable and terrible bluffs. (550 xp)
  • Foes Defeated (6450 xp)
    ○ Umber Hulk (CR 5)
    ○ Hobgoblin x10 (CR 1/2)
    ○ Hobgoblin Captain (CR 3)
    ○ Cultist x8 (CR 1/8)
    ○ Cult Fanatic (CR 2)
    ○ Lyzandra Calderos, Mage (CR 6)


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