Ensemble of Evil Exterminators


  • Idra (Paul) – Human Monk 6
  • Indica (Hannah) – Air Genasi Druid 6
  • Kronk (Katie) – Tiefling Barbarian 6

Named NPCs Encountered

  • Alfons Wands – Norman and Gretchen’s uncle (the late Norman Wands Sr.‘s brother) is in charge of the magic item trade. He runs the warehouses, acquisitions, and sales. He’s far more interested in collecting magic items than money or power, and boasts a considerable personal collection separate from the warehouses.
  • Lady Laeral Silverhand – The “Open Lord” of Waterdeep, Laeral is the figure of authority and rule within the city-state. She is a 700 year old elf with a gift for creating magic items. She mysteriously disappeared for a period, but has recently returned and re-taken her position on the council.
Scarlet Moon Hall
  • Druids – Iniri, Mahoon, Fariya, and Varigo are druids waiting to be initiated in the Rite of the Wicker Giant.
  • Rough Looking Men – Storol and Wiglaf are unfriendly barbarian types camping outside the hall.
  • Eternal Flame Guardians – Biart (Dead), Orm (Dead), and Malin (Not dead!) are Eternal Flame Guardians disguised as rangers. They were providing muscle for Lytin.
  • Lytin – An Eternal Flame Priestess / Druid, Lytin is a half-elf woman interviewing prospects for the Rite of the Wicker Giant.
  • Elizar Dryflagon – Individual running the show at the Scarlet Moon Hall. Haven’t met him yet.


  • Fairafel was unable to attend and will likely not be present for the next couple sessions.
  • We used Roll20 again, this time not using vision cones which was a lot less fiddly.
  • The party returned to Waterdeep and went to give Alfons the bad news. He accepted the Guard Drake Egg as a consolation prize.
  • Next they went to tell the city guard about the dragon, and were dragged to the main keep and a meeting with Lady Laeral Silverhand.
  • She met them in the garden, where she was doing a tarot reading.
  • After the party turned down her ask for them to take up dragon slaying, they asked her about the situation in Red Larch.
  • While Laeral was unwilling to provide military support, lest her neighbors think Waterdeep was looking to expand it’s territory, she did promise some relief workers for Red Larch.
  • Laeral also provided the location of Scarlet Moon Hall, as well as some information that druids were gathering there and she thought it was the cult’s doing. She sent the party back to Red Larch with an escort, and a contact in Amphail if they need further “descrete” assistance.
  • The party cleaned up, traveled to Red Larch, and then marched out to the Scarlet Moon Hall. They arrived just after dark.
  • They first ran into a group of druids that the Rite was a mystery cult initiation. They seemed friendly, and directed the party to Lytin for more information.
  • Indica mostly took the direct approach walking around, while Indra and Kronk did their best to sneak.
  • Met a couple of rough looking barbarian types camping, there is something off about them…
  • Indica had a chat with Lytin. Lytin initially wanted to recruit Indica, but started to suspect she wasn’t a good candidate. Insisted that Indica needed to come with them to meet Elizar for “further information”.
  • As Indica passed through a shadowed area, Idra snuffed her torch with ki.
    A fight broke out. The party got fireballed and beaten. Indica got to use the Wall of Thorns spell from the new staff. (DM forgot about that.)
  • Party ran and hid in the darkness to the north. Idra and Indica hid in the bag of holding while Kronk crept around in the dark and avoided the patrol.
  • Next time the fight begins for real!

XP Log (2100, 700 each)

  • Settling up with Alfons. (300xp)
  • Meeting Laeral, reporting the dragon, and getting a tip. (300xp)
  • Chatting up the druids and realizing there are innocents at Scarlet Moon Hall. (300xp)
  • Getting in a fight and managing to retreat to a hiding place. (300xp)
  • Foes Defeated (900xp)
    ○ Eternal Flame Guardian x2 (CR 2)


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