Ensemble of Evil Exterminators


  • Fairafel (Kaitlyn) – Half-Elf Sorcerer 6
  • Idra (Paul) – Human Monk 6
  • Indica (Hannah) – Air Genasi Druid 6
  • Kronk (Katie) – Tiefling Barbarian 6

Named NPCs Encountered

Temple of Howling Hatred
  • Aerisi Kalinoth – The head of the cult is said to be in the throne room at the top of the pyramid. She is likely the one who appeared to Indica in the vision.
  • Kaz Hanar – Second in command within the Temple of Howling hatred, he’s a bully riding on a wyvern.
  • Ahtayir – A djinni seen in the distance.


  • The party, having recently fled Scarlet Moon Hall, found a place to rest.
  • During the last watch, Indica had a vision of a shadowy figure appearing as a woman with wings, who threatened to destroy Beliard in two days.
  • The party made great haste, riding horses Indica summoned and marching until midnight to go north, cross the stone bridge, and get between where they expect the cult is and Beliard.
  • Once past the hill where they expected the cultists were making preparations, the party collapsed for a well deserved rest.
  • In the morning, the cultists came down the road with a suspicious looking box on a horse drawn cart.
  • The party prepared to ambush the cultists, lashing out with spells once Kronk was spotted.
  • Fairafel’s fireball blew the crate open along with burning the enemies. Within the crate was a grey stone orb that started glowing with a blue light and shaking.
  • Kronk started running while the other party members took down their opponents and then followed suite.
  • A couple of the cultists tried to put the crate back together before it was too late, but to no avail.
  • The orb exploded in blasts of lightning (which clipped Kronk) and a sudden tornado that tore through the area.
  • After the tornado dissipated, the party regrouped, told the approaching Beliard town guard what was happening, and then rested in town.
  • The next day they rode for Red Larch to deliver a warning, while Beliard sent out runners to the other settlements in the regions. The Dessarin Valley was clearly not a safe place to be.
  • After delivering the message to Red Larch, the party headed to Feathergale Spire to see what remained of the air cultists who were clearly at fault.
  • Feathergale Spire was abandoned, but after a night’s rest the party headed down into the canyon, and found the winding trail leading underground.
  • They approached an ancient dwarven ruin, in which they could hear screams and bad music?
  • The screams turned out to be Kenku, mimicking what must have been some unfortunates within the cultists’ grasps.
  • Some initiates were trying to learn to “survive on air alone”. They were left to continue wasting away.
  • Gold was spotted in a moat. Indica went swimming and gathered some of it, leaving the water before a stone golem could crush her.
  • Circling the pyramid, the party caught site of a djinni doing something, but a man named Kaz swooped in while riding a wyvern. The party convinced him they were new recruits.
  • Kaz told them to head to another room for manual labor and twenty lashes each. They went that direction until they were out of sight.
  • Going through a different door, the party surprised a monk who was making copies of prayers to the Prince of Evil Elemental Air. They claimed Kaz sent them. The monk made them start making copies.
  • After getting bored with this sharade, Idra snuck up when the monk was turned and beat him unconscious. The other monk in the same room was struck down by Fairafel and Kronk.
  • Once hog tied and awake, the monk was questioned and the party learned where Aerisi was.
  • The monk was locked in a trunk, and another hall was explored. They heard someone yelling at “Walter” to get the voice their tea.
  • The party decided to go the other way, heading to the pyramid.

XP Log (8000, 2000 each)

  • Reaching the cultists before they got to Beliard. (1000xp)
  • Dealing with the bomb and it’s escorts. (350xp)
  • Getting a warning out to the surrounding towns. (1000xp)
  • Finding the Temple of Howling Hatred. (1000xp)
  • Bluffing past multiple cultists. (300xp)
  • Finding out where Aerisi is. (1000xp)
  • Foes Defeated (3350xp)
    ○ Bugbear x5 (CR 1)
    ○ Skyweaver (CR 3)
    ○ Hurricane x3 (CR 2)
    ○ Feathergale Knight x2 (CR 1)
    ○ Hipporgriff x2 (CR 1)
    ○ Kenku x2 (CR 1/4)


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