Ensemble of Evil Exterminators


  • Fairafel (Kaitlyn) – Half-Elf Sorcerer 7
  • Idra (Paul) – Human Monk 7
  • Indica (Hannah) – Air Genasi Druid 7
  • Kronk (Katie) – Tiefling Barbarian 7

Named NPCs Encountered

Temple of Howling Hatred
  • Jim – Aarokocra scout leader who met the players outside the temple entrance.
  • Bero Gladham – Recently freed cult captive. His wife Nerise was “taken below”.
Rivergard Keep
  • Margie Maah – Sea hag guarding the Rivergaurd Keep docks. Originally appeared as a sea-green haired half-elf.
  • Timmy – Water elemental. Now deceased.


  • The party exited the Temple of Howling Hatred and immediately ran into some spear wielding Aarokocra who were guarding the freed captives. Bero identified and introduced the party but was disappointed that they had not found his wife.
  • The leader of the Aarokocra, Jim (that’s the name he gives to those who can’t pronounce his real name), told the party that the local Aarokocra had been hunted by the Feathergale Knights. Their scouting party was surprised and relieved to find the Spire abandoned. As a whole, their clan is grateful that the threat has been destroyed.
  • The party rested in Feathergale Spire while planning their next attack. It was decided to try and access the water temple through Rivergard Keep.
  • After a uneventful couple days travel, the party decided to approach the keep at night from the south shore.
  • Indica walked on the riverbed, and saw feet dangling in the water from the dock above her. She returned to the group.
  • Attempting to avoid detection from the owner of the feet, Idra used a grappling hook to get everyone up the wall. Indica almost fell, but thankfully she can hover.
  • Stealth did not go well, Kronk tripped and his weapons clattered. The figure on the dock took notice and started to head there way with a lit torch.
  • Hurrying to the main keep, the party tried to sneak in, but ran into Margie. She appeared to be a sea-green haired half-elf with mismatched blue and green eyes that wouldn’t quite focus.
  • Margie said her sister had asked her to keep watch for the marauders who killed the people in the keep. She asked if the players had seen them.
  • Margie made a reference to her friend Timmy who lived in the water. She convinced the party to follow her and meet Timmy. They were wary.
  • Margie dangled her feet and hands in the water and called for Timmy. Fairafel joined her. A river otter showed up, and while most of the party was looking at that Timmy the water elemental reached up and yanked Fairafel into the water.
  • Indica feared something was amiss and cast bark skin.
  • Fairafel tried to cut the thing holding her with a dagger, but it didn’t have much affect.
  • Margie shed her illusion and tried to strike at the party, but tripped and fell into the water.
  • Idra used his bottled breath and dove in after Fairafel. Kronk readied a crossbow bolt with a rope.
  • Timmy slammed Fairafel into a rock at the bottom of the river.
  • Idra used shatter on Timmy and Fairafel both and swam for her.
  • Fairafel dimension doored out, only to have Idra be captured by the Water Elemental.
  • The fighting continued with Indica and Kronk trying to kill Margie and Idra freeing himself and returning to the dock.
  • Timmy surged onto the dock, taking Idra again, and knocking him out.
  • Fairafel rained fire onto the water elemental.
  • Margie tried to swim for the underground stream, but was cut off by Indica in polar bear form. She turned and made for the river.
  • Indica climbed out of the water and used healing word to revive Idra.
  • Kronk, Fairafel, and Indica battered the water elemental to the edge of death.
  • Idra, almost dead, finished it off with another shatter cast inside the elemental. It blew up.
  • The party retired to the barracks that had previously been occupied by water cultists.
  • During Fairafel’s watch, she saw a dark form swimming below the surface of the water, followed by the clatter of the chain holding the gate to the underground river shut falling away.
  • In the morning they found the gate open. It is assumed Margie went to alert the cultists.

XP Log (4000, 1000 each)

  • Having pleasent conversation with Jim and Margie. (1000 xp)
  • Learning that the water cultists are expecting them. (750 xp)
  • Foes Defeated (2250 xp)
    ○ Sea Hag (CR 2)
    ○ Water Elemental (CR 5)


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