Ensemble of Evil Exterminators


  • Fairafel (Kaitlyn) – Half-Elf Sorcerer 6
  • Idra (Paul) – Human Monk 6
  • Indica (Hannah) – Air Genasi Druid 6
  • Kronk (Katie) – Tiefling Barbarian 6

Named NPCs Encountered

Scarlet Moon Hall
  • Lytin – Eternal Flame priestess trying to recruit at Scarlet Moon Hall. Now deceased.
  • Gariena – Druid who plays a fiddle. Was waiting for induction into the rite of the wicker giant.
  • Flix & Afid – Sprites who accompany Gariena.
  • Elizar Dryflagon – Head of the cult at the Scarlet Moon Hall. Now deceased.


  • Fairafel is back!
  • Fairafel, having hung back to assist with the Red Larch relief work, arrived just after the patrols searching for the rest of the party stopped.
  • She met the druids who looked nervous, but directed her to Lytin.
  • Lytin was interested in Fairafel as a recruit due to her affinity with fire spells and offered a couple camping spots.
  • Fairafel camped with Gariena and the sprites. They played music, Fairafel doesn’t sing well apparently. Everyone was friendly though.
  • Idra looked around a bit, realizing there were hostiles nearby and spotting Fairafel.
  • Indica turned into a cat and carried Fairafel a message saying to sit tight.
  • Everyone got some sleep.
  • In the morning, Lytin started leading potential recruites into the tower, saving Fairafel for last. No one came back out.
  • Idra snuck over to talk briefly with Fairafel, going with the plan that she would go in the front, and the rest would try to go in the back.
  • Idra snuck back, and planned a climbing assent to a window 50 feet up the tower. Kronk and Indica climbed into the bag of holding, and up he went.
  • Hanging just outside the window, Idra witnessed a water cult spy getting kicked down the stairs and put into magical sleep. The unconscious spy got hauled outside and added to the wicker giant.
  • Lytin came for Fairafel and lead her into the tower. Fairafel saw the new wicker giant being built for the fire, but she failed to see a number of other “potentials” unconscious inside it.
  • Fairafel got marched up the tower. When she got to the floor Idra was peering into, he chucked the bag of holding into the room. Out came a Barbarian and Druid. Initiative!
  • Idra vaulted in and ran to pummel a priest. Noticed the floor was weak.
  • Indica went full polar bear.
  • Kronk put Helga to good use.
  • Fairafel started blasting EVERYTHING with magic missile.
  • Lytin and goons started dropping.
  • Elizar started down the stairs to investigate, Idra blew up the stairs under neath him. (Shatter) Elizar fell into the weak part of the floor, collapsing it but catching the edge.
  • Indica pushed him into the 50 foot fall.
  • Everyone fought, Fairafel noticed the fall didn’t kill Elizar.
  • Elizar fireballed the room. 4th level, didn’t care which friendlies he hit.
  • Fairafel magic missiled him, didn’t drop.
  • Kronk pinned Elizar to the floor with a Javilin.
  • Fighting continued, more goons and an Azer joined the fray.
  • Idra dropped.
  • Indica, badly hurt, used healing word on Idra and dived out the window.
  • Kronk tried to toss a guard down the hole, got shoved into the hole himself and missed the grip on the ledge.
  • Kronk hit the next floor down and managed to grab hold, just to see more goons at the door.
  • Fairafel also ran for the window, saw Indica now looking at another guard and two hellhounds heading her way.
  • Idra dropped again.
  • Indica turned her staff into a tree and rode it up to the window. Healed Idra again.
  • Kronk dropped the remaining 30 feet. It hurt. Found himself surrounded by curious magmin. Gained their friendship through the sharing of a cheese bun.
  • Fairafel used her staff to Command the remaining combatants to flee.
  • Kronk found a way out, but it led underground. Used Darkness on the door with the enemies to buy some time.
  • Idra tied a rope to the staff/tree and lowered it. Dangling above Kronk’s head.
  • Indica, sitting in the tree, blasts the guard who is trying to climb up after her with the wand of magic missiles. Fairafel follows that lead.
  • Kronk jumps up, grabs the very end of the rope, and tries to muscle up the rope. Fails.
  • Idra ties a second rope to the first and re-lowers it.
  • Indica starts calling lightning.
  • Fairafel makes an impressive leap from the tree to the wall below. Uses Crown of Madness on the guard.
  • Guard and Hellhounds start trying to kill each other.
  • The staff/tree starts to smolder… uh oh.
  • Kronk is meanwhile climbing the rope, slowly.
  • Another guard starts taking pot shots with a heavy crossbow.
  • Idra starts catching bolts.
  • Hellhounds and maddened guard are all killed.
  • Indica and Fairafel are trying to keep the staff/tree from burning.
  • Kronk finishes his climb, then climbs down the tree.
  • Indica reclaims her staff.
  • Everyone piles into the bag of holding as a hord of enemies round the tower.
  • Idra clicks his heels, jumps the wall, and runs.
  • They all get away!
  • Smoke rising behind them indicates the wicker man is burning… sadly that makes it likely the sacrifices were sacrificed. This noticeably dampens the “We cut the head off the snake!” vibe.
  • Next Time: Visions from the air cult, and the start of the temple dungeon crawl!

XP Log (8000, 2000 each)

  • Decapitating the Scarlet Moon Hall Leadership (1000xp)
  • Befriending Magmin (300xp)
  • Getting Away (300xp)
  • Foes Defeated (6400xp)
    ○ Eternal Flame Guardian x4 (CR 2)
    ○ Eternal Flame Priest x2 (CR 3)
    ○ Elizar Dryflagon (CR 5)
    ○ Hellhound x2 (CR 3)


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