Ensemble of Evil Exterminators


  • Fairafel (Kaitlyn) – Half-Elf Sorcerer 6
  • Idra (Paul) – Human Monk 6
  • Indica (Hannah) – Air Genasi Druid 6
  • Kronk (Katie) – Tiefling Barbarian 6

Named NPCs Encountered

Temple of Howling Hatred
  • Aerisi Kalinoth – The head of the cult who was in her throne room. When cornered, she ordered those loyal to her to attack and fled to a lower level.
  • Kaz Hanar – Second in command within the Temple of Howling hatred, he’s a bully riding on a wyvern. Now deceased.
  • Ahtayir – A djinni summoned to cover Aerisi’s retreat. The party destroyed the horn that bound him before he could kill them, and he thanked them and gave gifts before departing for his home plane.
  • Windharrow – Apparently the air cult’s minstrel. He beat a hasty escape when the fighting started.


  • The party decided to try and sneak in to the pyramid to find and assasinate the cult leader.
  • They were met by Kaz again. It devolved to fighting, which he fled from.
  • Continuing to sneak, they heard Kaz gathering reinforcements and ducked into the pyramid.
  • In the pyramid were a number of cultists who said the area was off limits to initiates. The party successfully claimed that they were sent to get reinforcements for a fight. All but one Skyweaver left.
  • The Skyweaver insisted they leave, which they did, but found themselves surrounded by cultists.
  • Kaz spotted them and a fight started!
  • Kaz got to fly over the waterfall like the emperor. The party found that wyverns hurt a lot. (Fairafel dropped.) Blasts of lightning were exchanged, and giant eagles were summoned to tear into the wyvern. In the end, the party stood victorious.
  • After a lunch break and a couple healing spells, the party headed up the stairs to the top of the pyramid.
  • They found Aerisi there looking bored. A fight broke out. Fairafel tried to lightning bolt Aerisi (not terribly effective), Kronk traded blows with an invisible stalker, the Djinni Ahtayir was summoned to cover Aerisi’s flight, the minstrel Windharrow fled, and general chaos ensued.
  • Idra got the horn that bound Ahtayir and Kronk managed to destroy it. After that Ahtayir helped the party cut down the cultists.
  • The party asked Ahtayir about the cults. Ahtayir answered as best he could and gifted them with flasks of bottled breath and a rejuvenation of health and magic. Then he departed for his home plane.

XP Log (14000, 3500 each)

  • Confronting Aerisi (1000 xp)
  • Freeing the Djinni Ahtayir (4875 xp)
  • Foes Defeated (8125 xp)
    ○ Howling Hatred Initiate x17 (CR 1/8)
    ○ Hurricane x2 (CR 3)
    ○ Invisible Stalker (CR 6)
    ○ Kenku x2 (CR 1/4)
    ○ Skyweaver x3 (CR 3)
    ○ Wyvern (CR 6)


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